Alcohol is a poison . . . sorry please

Just got into a discussion with colleagues and friends today and everyone was talking about the weekend’s ‘fun’. Typically, I was embarrassed when I was asked about how my weekend went.

Football dominated.

Most people went out to have ‘drinks’ yeah… but gosh I could see their disappointments when I told them I couldn’t go with them because half a pint of beer could make me tipsy…

What?! So what do you do to socialise since you don’t drink?

Mehn I struggled to convince them that there were many ways I could have fun…

However, before close of work today, news filtered in that about 51 people have died in Libya from alcohol poisoning….

Ahaaa….now I can scream at them…

This happened in a country where the sale of alcohol is ILLEGAL…

Think of what can happen in a country like ours (NIGERIA, UK) where one can freely have access to any form of alcohol…

What is alcohol poisoning? What are the effects? How do we know? How do we prevent it? What do we do?

Take some time to look at this, It can save a life. Click on the link below:




Subsidy on Malaria? Give us more – Oliver Twist

Malaria is no longer news…. more than half of the world’s population are swayed by this ‘menace’. 90% in Africa … killing more Nigerians than in any other country of the world.  ‘We no dey carry last’.

Malaria kills more people than HIV/AIDS in our dear giant of Africa. No doubt, people are really aware of the dangers and complications that come from malaria but action upon this knowledge is very limited.

Presently Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) has become the standard first-line treatment of uncomplicated malaria but we still have over 70% of our people receiving ONLY choloroquinne and sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (Fansidar etc).

Most hospitals don’t have them, and when you see them, they are quite expensive… between N1000 and N1800.

Not to even talk about the fakes.

In November 2010, the ministry of health launched the Affordable Medicines Facility for malaria (AMFm). This initiative is directed at making these drugs available and affordable to those that need them most. In simple terms, it means the government will provide SUBSIDY on the cost of ACTs so that the ordinary Nigerian can afford to buy them….just like chloroquinne.

This initiative has ‘done well’ to some extent but more is needed – Oliver Twist.

I know most health centres have subsidized ACTs (Coartem) for children – between N500 and N800.

Most people still can’t afford this. . . They opt for half doses or even fake ACTs and herbs which come cheap.

If care is not taken, we will repeat history. We will have mosquito parasites that are resistant to ACTs. This is what happened to Chloroquinne. It is already happening in Asia

The solution for those of us in Africa, particularly Nigeria, is for programs such as AMFm to be accelerated.  ‘We must act with urgency and determination to keep this tremendous progress from slipping out of our grasp’ – Dr Margeret Chan

So I believe the best New Year gift the present government can give to Nigerians is to INCREASE THE SUBSIDY on Malaria drugs.

. . . Breast is still Best



I guess I’ve been in this business for a while now and I can still hear the lil’ ones screaming for breast– I mean breast milk…

Milk is best when it’s breast.

I delivered this baby 4months ago and see him now!!!!

Oops, he can’t help but point at the stuff that’s puffin him up.

I now know why they say it increases intelligence…. QED….

(Excerpts from an article I wrote 3 years ago – 2009)